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Jeremy Affeldt

Jeremy Affeldt, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, speaks about his passions and professional career.

a month ago
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12 Steps of Recovery Video Series | Teaser

Rehabilitation is not easy. Without a proven process, the journey can be even harder. With The 12 Steps of Recovery, Guy Noland, a friend of Bill, guides you through the minefield of recovery with specific activities and guidelines. The 12 Steps of Recovery, if practiced honestly and often, will provide the tools for a lifetime of freedom from addiction.The 12 Steps of Recovery | SAVN Sobriety WORKBOOK - CLICK TO DOWNLOADThe 12 Steps of Recovery | SAVN Sobriety VIDEO SERIES - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

22 days ago
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Boundless | Behind the Scenes VLOG | Ep 4

EPISODE 4 | A behind the scenes look at IHQ on the preparation of Boundless 2015: The Salvation Army International Congress; hosted by Mejee LutcherRead the blog! http://www.blog.savn.tv/

3 days ago
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Joyville Orphanage

Joyville Children's Home was set up in 1992 for street children gathered from the streets or markets. The children run away from their families for various reasons, a common factor being abuse – physical, mental and sexual. The Salvation Army has taken the responsibility to ‘joyfully’ help these children with an holistic program that focuses on each child so their innate potential and personal skills can be developed. The children ranging from young children to teenagers. It is a residential home in a rural area so the children can learn agricultural skills such as raising pigs, tending rice crops, fish ponds, etc. to give them some chance of making a living in the future.

2 days ago
 209  0

Harvest Initiative

In this new initiative, Commissioner Jim Knaggs explains the success of The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers and proposes three solutions to further increase the effectiveness of these programs.

2 months ago
 1440  5

Jimmy Wayne | Angel Tree

"Paper Angels" debuts on the UPtv Network on November 16th 2014.  Country music singer,songwriter and author of the book "Paper Angels" Jimmy Wayne, describes the powerful impact of The Salvation Army's programs, particularly the Angel Tree program, which provides Christmas gifts to children in need.  

3 days ago
 62  0