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Featured Content

The Open Air | Ep. 4 - The Salvation Army

Join Ray Comfort as he explores the benefits, struggles and techniques of open air preaching. In this episode, we learn a bit about The Salvation Army's history with open air meetings and gain encouragement to revive those methods.

2 years ago
 523  2

Greg Kinnear Interview | Heaven Is For Real

Gavin Schofield-Smith of SAVN.tv sits down with Greg Kinnear to discuss his lead role as Todd Burpo in his new film, Heaven Is For Real. Heaven Is For Real, directed by Randall Wallace and starring Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, and Connor Corum, is now playing in a theater near you.

3 months ago
 84  0

Musical Theater Camp 2014: Behind the Scenes

The kids at the Southern California Division Music Theater camp learn the basics of film making and use those acquired skills to shoot behind the scenes footage of the latest musical production, "Here for the Gold".

3 days ago
 195  0

SAVN.tv Presentation at WBC 2014

Commissioner James Knaggs gives a presentation with Captains Robyn and Stephanie Bridgeo on the newest features of SAVN.tv at The Western Bible Conference 2014.

17 days ago
 73  2

Revolution Hawaii Promo

If you are 18 to 29 and “in-between” majors, semesters, jobs or are just looking for a strong foundation for the rest of your life - We have opportunities designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique purpose in reaching the world for Christ.  Our mission is to reach, disciple and mobilize young adults. We believe that faith, growth and servant leadership are key to bringing change within your surrounding community and within yourself.  We want to help you in building strong foundations that will stand up to the challenges that lie ahead. Whether it’s through our year long urban mission program, short term Pacific Island missions or even volunteering on a short-term basis - We want you to come out, get involved and make a difference.

a month ago
 764  4

Mission Bridge

Mission Bridge is an initiative that will equip and empower corps soldiery to effectively build bridges between corps and social service programs by ministering to social service program participants, with the intent of drawing them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Trainings will help soldiers develop skills in evangelism, apologetics, and pastoral care. Soldiers may practice their Mission Bridge training in accordance with their schedule and confidence level, under the direction of the corps officer.

25 days ago
 256  3